Hi, I'm Steve Porter. Lots of folks have seen my photographs on social media and asked where they can purchase them. So for my first project, I've put together a 6" x 8" spiral bound 2022 calendar for purchase. As an added bonus, $1 of every purchase will be donated to the Woodbury Animal Humane Society.

Enjoy this beautiful 2022 wildlife calendar!

Customize it with a signed copy and add a personalized note.

  • Yup, I’m the photog!

    I became interested in film and photography my junior year of high school. Of course it was a teacher who inspired me.

    I developed my own film, printed enlargements, and produced several short films during college. I graduated from the University of Nebraska, with an English degree and a minor in Film Production.

    In 1979, I moved to Alexandria MN to work as a news photographer. I was shooting 16mm film, before we switched to video. I had also worked at NETV, the PBS station in Lincoln NE & WCCO in Mpls. I then got into the 1-hour film processing business when I opened a camera store and studio in 1983 in Alexandria. I took a break from photography around 2000. When my wife, Rona and I had both retired we moved to Minneapolis in 2019 to be closer to our grandchildren. I’ve been blessed to able to renew my focus back onto one of my passions.

  • Photography

    I love wildlife and have an extensive portfolio of images to share. Many I've posted on social media with very positive responses which lead me to create my 2022 calendar, and this website.

    In future months I plan to add images to this site that can be purchased either for print or to be framed.

  • Join us

    I'm excited to be donating $1 of each calendar sold to the Woodbury Animal Humane Society. I love taking pictures of animals and wanted to give some support to a worthy organization.

    From; pet surrender and adoption, a full gamut of medical care, temporary housing of strays, pet products, training classes, and other educational services, the humane society is a just such a worthy organization.

    Visit AHS